David Wierhake*
Actor • Musician • Songwriter • Activist
*Stage Name:  dwBrykalski
Member of Actors’ Equity Association

“No Sub Left Behind” 2012

Veteran substitute teacher David Wierhake has been VERY actively lobbying the Monroe County School Corporation (MCCSC)  on behalf of all underpaid and undervalued “Guest Teachers”.
He first appeared before the MCCSC board in February 2011, stating that there had not been a wage increase for sub teachers in over a decade, if not more. The national average pay rate for substitute teaching is $105/day. MCCSC pays $60/day. The recent MCCSC extended day schedule has added almost an extra hour to sub teaching assignments, yet the school board AND administration did NOT adjust the sub teacher day rate to allow for this extra time spent in the classroom. This equates to a PAY RATE CUT at a time when a wage BOOST was more than needed!
In the light of the recent OCCUPY movement, I encourage ALL MCCSC substitute teachers, teachers, parents, and even students to speak out/speak up in support of increasing the day pay rate for this talented, yet undervalued pool of  individuals who keep our schools running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

3 Comments on “About”

  1. April Toler Says:

    Could someone connect me with a contact person for this group?

    • nowchangethis Says:

      That would be me, David Wierhake, actor/musician/songwriter/activist. I’ve been active in speaking out on behalf of ALL MCCSC substitute teachers regarding the recent extended school day, which equates to a pay cut for this already underpaid group of professional fill-in teachers.

      You can review my recent OP-ED and “Letter to the Editor” in The Herald-Times for more information. You can also speak directly to Bob Zaltsberg, your editor and my friend (I’m also a former employee of the HT), as to my background and contributions to our community.


      David Wierhake
      “No Sub Left Behind” 2012

    • nowchangethis Says:

      See revised ABOUT posting FYI.

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