Ahhh, the first day of school—for a MCCSC substitute teacher!

In the words of school board president Jim Muehling, “Data is critical.” Of course, we all know that ‘data’ is just data and can be manipulated to one’s own end. What is important is accurate, unbiased, and unfiltered information. Here are some hard numbers to contemplate regarding the financial reality of the extended school day re: sub teachers.

Last year a sub teacher with MCCSC worked for the average rate of $9.60/hr ($60/day for a 6.5 hour day). This year—WITHOUT ANY PAY ADJUSTMENT—our subs will work for the average hourly rate of $7.65 ($60/day for the almost 8 hour day). This equates to a 20% PAY CUT.

It’s most interesting that Muehling was shaken by my suggestion of increasing sub teacher day rates to allow for the additional hour e.g. another $9-10 added to the $60/$70 rate structure, “Suggesting the feasibility of a 15.4% increase is ludicrous in the mildest of descriptions…”, when on the flip side of this equation the “educated and talented substitute pool” (Muehling’s words) is now taking a 20% PAY CUT. “Ludicrous in the mildest of descriptions” to quote the Board’s leadership who doesn’t mince words.

Now, ponder this: a MCCSC traffic control person (crossing guard) made $15.68/hr in 2008. Certainly risking ‘life and limb’ entering into a 4-way stop with a hand-held STOP sign has its price, but that’s over twice the hourly rate of a sub teacher. (Are traffic control guards required to have 60 hours of college credit under their belts to oversee the safety of our walking-friendly school kids? I wonder how much said guards are making this year? “Top of the morning!” to this street-savvy group of individuals who now have to rise a bit earlier in the day to earn their keep. And, ‘Kudos’ to them for their terrific lobbying efforts. They almost make as much as a bus driver! No doubt our school board and administration has certain priorities regarding compensation.)

David Wierhake
MCCSC Substitute Teacher

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